slow the flow

ugly duckling
slow the flow

χωρίς σχόλια
και ψάχτε μόνοι σας στο γκουκλ
μην τα θέτε όλα στο πιάτο

αντε και οι στίχοι

It’s half past 8 and you’re late for work
Your stopped in gridlock and you’re berserk
Put in overtime 5 days a week
Pullin’ out your hair for stress relief
But you gotta compete so you get no sleep,
You want the good life but it don’t come cheap
Climbin to the top of the totem pole,
You’ll fall and break your neck man slow the flow

Now I’m from southern California
home of the laid back
we don’t go lookin’ for a needle in a haystack
and I say that
in a subdued mood
kick it on the beach, eat a little mexican food
but you, I understand,
what’s the rush?
Mad like you missed the bus
Another one’s comin’ in about ten minutes
Man you don’t gotta push yourself to the limit

Slow the flow, relax your mind
Gain control, take your time
Slow the flow, relax your mind,
Gain control, take your time

Forget about the weekdays,
ready for the weekend
bring your swimtrunks and jump into the deepend
For a minute or two
and take a look at the view
I guarantee you’ll see something new
We only have two seasons; summer and spring
So rock your flip flops and your cutoff jeans
If you live in Long Beach then you know that I mean
California dreamin’ where it’s all routine

A situation comes that so soon is past
and you’ll catch whiplash movin so
quick fast
You’re looking for satisfaction; mistaken again
King solomons said it like chasin the wind,
you need to slow down start takin’ it in.

1 σχόλιο

  1. Μαρέσει… funky… funky…

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