o Dr. Steven C. Schlozman για τα ζόμπια

για τους δύσπιστους, εδώ φαίνεται ό,τι δεν είναι κανας τυχαίος

όποιος δεν ξέρει αγγλικα να πάει να μάθει

In Night of the Living Dead, zombies are brought back from the dead by a «mysterious force» that allows their brains to continue functioning. But how exactly does a zombie brain function?

Finally, a Harvard psychiatrist has the answers.

Through education

Dr. Steven C. Schlozman is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a lecturer at the Harvard School of Education. He is also an avid sci-fi and horror fan – and, apparently, the world’s leading authority on the neurobiology of the living dead. He has even drafted a fake medical journal article on the zombie plague, which he calls Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome, or ANSD (the article has five authors: one living, three «deceased» and one «humanoid infected»). Schlozman’s foray into necro-diagnostics began when he volunteered to give a talk for the «Science on Screen» lecture series at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA. He conducted extensive research by talking with George Romero and immersing himself in genre literature and memorabilia – which is why the alternate title for his lecture is «A Way Cool Tax Deduction for a Bunch of Cool Books, Action Figures and a Movie.» So yes, Schlozman’s lecture is actually quite funny, and liberally sprinkled with other pop culture references including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly.

But the underlying science is serious. His lecture is a tour of the human brain, using the living dead as a narrative theme. According to Dr. Steven C. Schlozman, this is your brain on zombies:

The frontal lobe

This part of the brain is involved with «executive functioning» – enabling us to think carefully and solve problems in an abstract way. Clearly, there’s not much going on there if you have the misfortune of being afflicted with living deadness. But we do know that zombies can see us and sense us. Schlozman concludes that zombies possess just enough frontal lobe activity to «listen» to the thalamus, through which sensory input is processed. But the frontal lobe function most relevant to understanding zombie behavior is the control of «impulsivity»-the general term for when you do something and, if you had two more seconds, you might not have done it. For instance, if in a fit of rage you have the sudden urge to punch your boss in the face, the frontal lobe intervenes and allows you to consider why that might be a bad idea. The Amygdala and Anterior Cingulate Cortex Absent a properly functioning frontal lobe, a zombie is driven entirely by base emotions – such as rage – that are housed in the primitive parts of our brain, notably the amygdala. There’s precedence for this in nature. A crocodile brain, for instance, is mostly driven by the amygdala. Researchers have confirmed this by introducing lesions into the amygdala of animal specimens: the result is a drop in the attack and retreat response that correlates significantly with the amount of damage that’s done to that region of the brain. A crocodile without an amygdala isn’t really a crocodile. As such, Schlozman argues, «you can’t really be mad at zombies, because that’s like being mad at a crocodile,» adding that it’s the delicate balance between frontal lobe and amygdala «that makes us human.» That balance is maintained by the anterior cingulate cortex, which modulates and dampens the excitability of the amygdala as it talks to the frontal lobe. So, when the amygdala gets all stirred up by fear, anger or lust, the anterior cingulate cortex steps on it a little bit, giving the frontal lobe time to think everything through before it sends signals toward the motor cortex and we act upon those impulses. A zombie would have a dysfunctional anterior cingulate cortex, rendering it unable to modulate feelings of anger. The result? Hyper-aggression.

The Cerebellum and the Basal Ganglia

Science may once and for all settle the heated debate over whether «the infected» in 28 Days Later could be classified as zombies. Schlozman says «no,» observing that «the infected» possess «some sort of higher cortical function going on that allows them to hunt humans.» Moreover, the fake zombies in 28 Days Later exhibit fluidity of motion. They can run, jump, climb and quickly change direction-activities that the true Romero zombies are incapable of performing. Clearly, zombies suffer from cerebellar and basal ganglia dysfunction (duh!). Those are the parts of the brain that make fluidity of motion possible. The basal ganglia helps us with coordinated movement. The cerebellum helps us with balance. In fact, if you visit the website of the National Institutes of Health and read about cerebellar degeneration (such as ataxia), the symptoms match the familiar gait of the living dead: «a wide-legged, unsteady, lurching walk, usually accompanied by a back and forth tremor in the trunk of the body…»

Mirror Neurons

This is recent, cutting-edge research in the field of neuroscience. Schlozman describes mirror neuron theory as a «neurobiological model for empathy, which suggests, in a very hopeful way, that we might be wired to connect with one another.» Regions of the brain are recruited in response to social interactions in which we watch and thus experience the experiences of the «other.» As a press release issued by the European Science Foundation explains it: in Just as the same mirror neurons fire when observing and doing certain tasks, so other mirror neurons may be triggered both when experiencing a particular emotion and when observing someone else with that emotion. But, Schlozman asks, what if the things we’re fighting have brains that are incapable of connecting? In response, we disconnect from each other. Schlozman quotes a veteran of the Battle of Yonkers in the book World War Z: «Shock and Awe! But what if the enemy can’t be shocked and awed? Not just won’t, but biologically can’t?» At the Battle of Yonkers, the humans hit the zombie horde with everything they’ve got. But the zombies keep coming. They don’t look scared. They don’t look excited. They don’t look enraged. And that actually freaks out the humans more than anything else, prompting the humans to turn on each other. Schlozman suggests that mirror neurons also help explain the popularity of the zombie genre among the living. While watching these movies, «we like the permission to look at these things that look human – but aren’t human – and have utter and complete permission to blow their heads off.» In other words, we get off on the thrill of guiltless violence. We enjoy a brief vacation from empathy, and take our crocodile brains out for a spin.

By way of example, I came across an interview with actor Mike Christopher Berhosky, who played the iconic Hare Krishna zombie in the 1978 movie, Dawn of the Dead. Berhosky describes the audience reaction to the film’s screening: I got bashed in the head and everyone CHEERED.Took the wind right outta’ my sails. Everyone hated the Hare Krishna devotees for their incessant pestering and swarming them at the airports and such….Killing off my character had the effect of releasing a lot of pent up frustration….bashing in the Hare Krishna zombie’s head was much more than getting rid of another pesky zombie…it was VENGEANCE.

But the fun lasts only up to a point. As the movies progress, Schlozman says, we start to feel uncomfortable with the loss of our humanity-that we are «so willing to forsake those mirror neurons.»

The Ventromedial Hypothalamus

In the movies, zombies are always hungry, no matter how many supporting actors they consume. The most likely explanation is that zombies don’t have a properly functioning ventromedial hypothalamus: the region of the brain that lets you know whether you’ve eaten enough. The result is hyperphagia. Zombies will eat and eat and eat, but never feel satiated.

That raises a slightly awkward question: If zombies are constantly eating, then how come they never poop? Schlozman doesn’t know for sure, but he has at least one promising theory: Maybe the living dead are constipated. Now we know why zombies are always moaning.

αν κάποια στιγμή έχω χρόνο μπορεί και να το μεταφράσω

Ο μονόκερας

Τέλεια διαφήμιση της νόρτον, για ένα χάλια λογισμικό βέβαια


είμεθα γνωστοί για τις τεχνολογικές καινοτομίες που έχουμε εισάγει κατα καιρούς στην ελληνική πραγματικότητα. Σήμερα μετά από καιρό περισυλλογής και έρευνας ήρθε η ώρα να παρούσιάσουμε μερικές ακόμα. και ξεκινάμε

το όνειρο κάθε αντρός που έχει βαρεθεί λόγω σκοταδιού να γεύεται λάθος πράγματα, και κάθε γυναικός που δεν είναι σίγουρη τι σκατά είναι αυτά τα καρούμπαλα που αισθάνεται. Για ασφαλές υγειϊνιστικό σεξ ανά το γαλαξία, σας παρουσιάζουμε το light saber του Oral One Kanobi, το «τσιμπουκόφωτο»

φήμες ότι πρωτοπατενταρίστηκε από τηλεφωνητές που κάναν στοματικό στους προϊσταμένους τους ελέγχονται, και προσωρινά διαψεύδονται κατηγορηματικά

Δεύτερη στη σειρά, έρχεται μια γκατζετιά που θα σας εξασφαλίσει απομόνωση σε λέσχες, κινηματόγραφους και σφαιριστήρια. Έρχονται και κάθονται δίπλα σας χωρίς να ρωτήσουν και έχουν φάει και σκόρδο? Βάζετε αυτά τα αληθοφανέστατα ομοιώματα λιωμένων παγωτών, χυμένων καφέδων κλπ και η θέση ω του ξάφνου μοιάζει πια αποκρουστική.

ζω για τη μέρα που θα μπορείς να κάνεις τον άλλον να πιστέψει ότι η καρέκλα έχει αυτή την αηδιαστικά γλυκιά ζέστη της καρέκλας του λεοφωρείου σ' έντα μουντό πρωινό του Οκτώβρη που όλοι κλάνανε μονότονα

ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ! το άνωθεν γκάτζετ δε φαίνεται να επιδρά σε χίπηδες και λοιπούς βρωμιάρηδες που κάθονται όπου να ‘ναι

και τελευταία για σήμερα: η βυζοκαλύπτρα

ένα διπλό παρακαλώ

2 σταντ απ κομίντιανς για όσους δεν έχουν τσεκάρει ποτέ

2 ταινίες που αξίζει να δεις

2 παιχνιδάκια για τους απανταχού σινγκλς που δε θα βγουν στις παραλίες αυτό το καλοκαίρι.

ακολουθούν 2 animations για την κρίση όπως την καταλαβαίνουνε κάποιοι

και αν σας φαίνομαι εγώ τρελός το τι έχετε να πείτε γι αυτό?

σε μερικές μέρες θα χώσω και κανένα καινούριο φλας γκέιμ


στα στρουμφάκια

Δυο πόρτες έχει η ζωή*

Ωϊμέ, ωϊμέ, πώς έγινε;
Ωϊμέ, τίποτα δεν έμεινε
από μένα ζωή
κι έχω πια παραδοθεί.
Πόσο ξένοι γίναμε,
ποιός θα το πίστευε πως όλα τελειώσανε;
Κι ούτε που πονάω πια.

Είναι αυτο-δύναμη και αδυναμία μου
κι έγινε πια ύπαρξη
με την πάροδο του πόνου η ανυπαρξία μου.

Προτιμώ, προτιμώ να μην ξέρω κανέναν.
Κι όσα έζησα, πέρα τα πέταξα!

Είναι αυτο-ύπνωση και αταραξία μου
είναι κι επαγρύπνηση
κι η κοπή μου από το θρόνο, η ελευθερία μου.

Ωϊμέ, ωϊμέ, πως έλιωσα;
Ωϊμέ, τ’ άλογο μου σέλωσα
δεν πατάω στη γη
κι έχω αποξενωθεί.
Τρέχω σαν τον άνεμο,
ποιός θα το πίστευε πως αναβαπτίζονται
στ’ ονειρεματάκι μου.

Είναι στην πέτσα μου και στην φαντασία μου
είναι και επίγνωση
κι είναι το παράλογό μου, κι η ανοησία μου.

Αγαπώ, αγαπώ και γυρνάω σε μένα!
Κι όσα πέταξα τα ξαναμάζεψα.

Είναι αυτο-όραση και αναγκαιότητα
είναι παλιννόστηση
είναι και η λαφυριά μου στην αιωνιότητα.

[Charles Bukowski]
Born like this, into this
As the chalk face smiles, as mrs. death laughs
As political landscapes dissolve
As the oily fish spit out their oily prey
We are born like this, into this
Into hospitals that are too expensive that it is cheaper to die
Into lawyer who charged so much that it is cheaper to plead guilty
Into a country where the jails are full and the madhouses close
Into a place where the masses elevate fools into rich heroes
Born into this, walking and living through this, dying because of this
Castrated, debauched, disinheritated, because of this
The fingers reach toward an unresponsive God
The fingers reach for the bottle, the pill, the powder
We are born into this sorrowful deadliness
There will be open and unpunished murder in the streets
It will be guns and roving mobs
Land will be useless
Food will become a diminishing return
Nuclear power will be taken over by the many
Explosions will continually shape the earth
Radiated men will eat the flesh of radiated men
The rotting bodies of men and animals stink in the dark wind
And there will be the most beautiful silence never heard
Born out of thatThe sun hidden there awaiting the next chapter

DOOM from the realm of l-kalum smelly gel fume
Separting cell womb to melly melly boom
Revelations in brail respirations inhale
View nations fail and shaking of a snake tail make due
Blazing swords trace the haze praise the lord
Saving grace lace your broads she say she bored
A crazy straw ink and stale dry parafinCandy coat crap rappers pale by comparison
A batch of marriaging averaging above average men
Rancid rants having rambling savages scavenging
For scraps perhaps road kill if that
Gift to gad and he flowed ill crome stiff hat
Known for writing lightning tight lines
Chief and beefing being of deep ends deep this even
Dimes quiet as mines by design mighty fine
Slight rewind tightly bind blind lead blind
Need mines now that was this is thenListening to sizzling official tens whispering him again
Medal face finster playing with the dirty money
Sinister don’t know what he saying but the words be funny
Major vet spaded through the vest with a bayonet
Save your breath gave a f pay your debt they forget
Make her sweat bullets crime pays no benefits
Then it gets wild to social child degenerates
6,000 years ago moses saidEvery human being is responsible for his actions
Or about being is still not human

You ought to let your uncle flows my motorcyle trunk fulls
From 2 1 2 1 loses crumbs to shrunkured? bundles
Hands down better then what your mans use to get
Standing around from where the transluscent looses spit
Missing wheel you don’t listen you’re a feel head
Sitting in the kitchen pissing twitching kissing steel lead
Crime pays no dental nor medical
Unless you catching time in county state or federal
You heard like roaring waters in sea shell
If a tree fell you couldn’t tell from 3 cell
Be real carefully they tell him by the earful
Kids doing skid bids acting out is terrible
Word is bond fix your clothes put a shirt on
Pants saggin back when you use to admit you had a skirt on
Skurts posing as thuggers and hustlers
El get closer then ball huggers and jugglers

Doom is transmitting a message to you
I need to use more power

και μετά τα δύο άρρωστα κομμάτια που ακούω τον τελευταίο καιρό να προσθέσω εδώ και αυτό

* παρακαλείται η ζωή να κλείσει την μία από τις δύο πόρτες γιατί κάνει ρεύμα και θα την αρπάξουμε

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